Domains & DNS

Register your own domain name and benefit from our powerful DNS management interface and API.

  • DNSSEC support
  • 老王v2.2.8
  • Support for wide range of record types (SSHFP, SRV, TXT, CAA, etc.)
  • Dynamic DNS
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Virtual & Dedicated Servers

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  • 老王vn官网
  • Upgrade and downgrade virtual servers as required
  • Raspberry Pi 4 servers now available
  • Multiple data centres for high availability
  • Install virtual servers from your choice of ISO image
  • Server monitoring with SMS alerts
  • 老王vn官网
  • Serial and Masterswitch for dedicated servers
  • IPv4 & IPv6 BGP feeds available
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Web & Email Hosting

Our flexible hosting accounts allow you to run your own website and use email addresses on your own domain name.

  • Configure email forwarding for multiple mailboxes
  • Free SSL certificates & HTTPS hosting
  • Optional shell (SSH) access
  • 老王最新版
  • Easy automated WordPress installation
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